This level validates data and credentials of a company.


Increased credibility of company information in the digital environment:

  • Digital credential, which presents verified basic data from the company.
  • Improves credibility, through the e-Credentials Program, by incorporating, to the restricted area of your ID profile, background information and additional documents.
  • Access ID profile documents and background information from other companies verified by the e-Credentials Program.
  • Your company may be part of the ETO Trust Connection Hub as a member of a verified global business directory, exhibiting their products and accessing a battery of electronic commerce and facilitation services.
  • These services will include a dynamic access to post and receive business opportunities.

Incorporating the WTPF WISE ID, this level validates the digital identity of the person.


  • Your name will be validated using a government-issued identity (Passport, national identification).
  • An Advanced Digital Certificate, with your full name on it and company data, valid to ensure your electronic communications and documents.
  • Allows strong authentication and digital signature.
  • Strong protection of your email and communications.
  • An access key to the ETO Trust Connection Hub areas as needed.

Online Onboarding Option

This option enable the creation of a secure profile for the users creating a digital identity. Integrate an highly secure KYC process, that enables remote on-boarding for users, without requiring physical presence. KYC offers aditionals functionalities and benefits as optionally.

  • Face recognition against Photo ID or a governmental database
  • Eliminate frauds with biometric authentication 3D depth perception
  • Anti spoofing checks
  • Fake image detection
  • Human face attributes analysis
  • Biometric consent verification
  • AI mapping techniques
  • Can be integrated with the others apps or used directly from the web
  • Automated reading of personal details from the ID document 3000+ ID types e.g. Passports, National IDs, Driving Licenses and other Valid Photo IDs.
  • Include OCR for quick and secure enrollment reducing manual information input

You may include on your website, emails or promotional material the logo that identifies that your company is the holder of an e-trade ID that verifies your identity data and your credentials.


  • Digital identity and strong authentication


  • Secure communications and email


  • Company data validated off line by a WTPF member Institution


  • Company background information certified participating of the e-credentials programme
  • Communicate safely and sign documents


  • Secure your electronic transactions with other E-trade ID users


  • Global reliability when you present your company in a digital environment


  • Full member access to all the benefits of the eto trust connection hub