Interactions between the parties in the virtual space must be based on trust that can only be achieved when the interacting parties can be sure of the identity of the counterpart, when communication between them is secure and when the background information of the companies is reliable.

ETradeID combines WISeID technology and WTPF eCredentials program to offer a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

SMEs holding an eTradeID certificate will be part of a trust ecosystem which provides them a combined solution of:

A Digital Certificate, that enables strong authentication and digital signature.

A strong protection of your email and communications.

A recognition of reliability in the digital environment.

A key to access a global community of companies to trade safely.

Your eTradeID is the only identity that you can use to access the ETO Trust Connection Hub




Initiated by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development to support SMEs on the use of digital technologies and e-commerce, WTPF is in the frontline for the promotion of a safe, trusted environment for international e-trade.

WTPF set-up a strategic alliance with two leading players on a global scale in the field of digital identity and security solutions for virtual interactions to build this e-Identity platform, supporting the creation of a trusted eco-system for electronic transactions.




WISeKey is a global leader on cybersecurity and trusted applications and supplies the technology platform for the eTradeID solution.


OISTE Trust Model provides Common Root for Certification Authorities worldwide that WTPF adhere to develop the ETradeID solution.


WTPF and it’s strategic partners, WiseKey and OISTE Foundation, are located in Geneva, Switzerland.

A country defined by neutrality, security, and privacy laws which allow operation without geo-political or governmental constraints.
A country with a strong Commitment To Put Into Practice Ethical Standards For The Digital Age.
This environment provides deep inspiration for the eTradeIDsolution that is reflected in its values of reliability and transparency.

The Trust Valley is a public-private partnership aimed at promoting the excellence of the Lake Geneva region in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity.