Basic ID Level

This only validates the e-mail address included in your Digital Identity. This is a default level and free of cost.



Validated ID Level

  • The e-tradeID, a digital identity bringing a unique credential that can be used to access to WTPF and affiliated services
  • Your Full Name will be validated using a government-issued ID document (Passport, National ID card or, only in the US, Driver License)
  • Your country of residence will be validated based in the above document, if you have residence in a different country, you’ll need to present the appropriate permit.
  • Certificate, that enables strong authentication and digital signature
  • A strong protection of your email and communications
  • You will automatically enter the ETO Trust Hub, as an individual user and access to see business opportunities

Online Onboarding Option

This option enables the creation of a secure profile for the users creating a digital identity. Integrates a highly secure KYC process, that enables remote on-boarding for users, without requiring physical presence.
KYC offers additional functionalities and benefits as optional.

  • Face recognition against Photo ID or a governmental database
  • Eliminate frauds with biometric authentication 3D depth perception
  • Anti spoofing checks
  • Fake image detection
  • Human face attributes analysis
  • Biometric consent verification
  • AI mapping techniques
  • Can be integrated with other apps or used directly from the web
  • Automated reading of personal details from the ID document 3000+ ID types e.g. Passports, National IDs, Driving
  • Licenses and other Valid Photo IDs.
    Include OCR for quick and secure enrolment reducing manual information inputs

Annual price 19.00 USD


Validated Pro ID Level

Through the offline certification of an official member of the WTPF:


Your company or organization name and legal constitution will be validated using a public registry (i.e. Chamber of Commerce or similar)


A suite of web services and Mobile Applications, that enable advanced features as strong authentication and document signature.


You’ll be required to proof that you belong to the organization by means of a letter of authorization, company by-laws or other acceptable means.


A strong protection of your email and communications.


Validated level for the members of your company that you authorize.


Your company can join the ETO Trust Connections Hub as a full member, allowing you to place and receive business opportunities, include a company in a verified global directory exhibiting your products and access to a battery of e-commerce facilitation services.


If you voluntarily decide to share your company's credentials and background with us, you can increase the credibility parameters in the environment of our ecosystem by linking them to your business opportunities and catalogues.

You may include on your website, emails or promotional material, the logo that identifies that your company is the holder of an e-trade ID, which verifies your identity data and your credentials.


Annual price 66.00 USD


  • Digital identity and strong authentication


  • Secure communications and email


  • Company data validated off line by a WTPF member Institucion


  • Company background information certified participating of the e-credentials programme
  • Communicate safely and sign documents


  • Secure your electronic transactions with other EtradeID users


  • Global reliability when you present your company in a digital environment


  • Full member access to all the benefits of the eto trust connection hub