Product presentation

eTrade ID is a trust certified digital identity issued by the WTPF. SMEs holding an eTradeID certificate will be part of a trust ecosystem which provides them a combined solution of:

  • a digital identity bringing a unique credential that can be used to access to WTPF services
  • a Digital Certificate, that enables strong authentication and digital signature, also used to protect the email
  • a Personal Encrypted Vault, where the user can store securely confidential information
  • a suite of web services and Mobile Applications, that enable advanced features as strong authentication and document signature

The companies interested to obtain their eTradeID have to get in contact with a Trade Point or e-Trade Desk operating in their country which will assist them along the entire procedure.

Digital Identity in the new economy

Every day is a living proof that technology development never stops, and the society is propelling itself towards post-digital life, living in smart cities and connected homes; moving and spending across borders; working in the automated age. These global changes have already radically re-shaped the way we live and as our lives become increasingly dependent on the internet, establishing trust becomes vital to society and in particular to e-trade. Therefore, technology pioneers are creating together a new layer in our connected world – a layer of trusted, global data that bring the concept of digital identity into the centre of attention.
As our digital identity comprises an increasingly rich set of contextual data points, organisations will be able to verify not only identity, but authenticity – bringing a new type of trust to online interactions and enabling them to infuse due diligence with data intelligence.
A reliable digital identity system which allows businesses to operate in a newly efficient and safe way is one of the main enablers of the future economic growth.



The Federation is in the frontline for the promotion of a safe, trusted eco-system for international e-trade. Interactions between parties in the virtual space must be based on trust which can only be achieved when the parties interacting can be sure of the identity of the counterpart and the communication between them is safe and protected.

For this reason, WTPF set-up a strategic alliance with two leading players on global scale in the field of digital identity and security solutions for virtual interactions.



WISeKey is a global leader on cybersecurity and trusted applications and supplies the technology platform for the eTradeID solution.


OISTE provides Common Root for Certification Authorities worldwide that want to adhere to the OISTE Trust Model. The focus of OISTE Foundation is pure identity, more specifically: certified digital identity.

Swiss neutrality

WISeKey and OISTE Foundation are the two strategic partners with which WTPF built this e-Identity platform, supporting the creation of a trusted eco-system for electronic transactions.
As WTPF, both strategic partners, WiseKey and OISTE Foundation are located in Switzerland, a country defined by Neutrality, Security, and privacy laws which allow operation without geo-political or governmental constraints. This gives an important competitive advantage to the eTradeID ecosystem which is translated into its neutrality.